👋 Hi! I’m Jemma (she/hers). I’m a backend software engineer, mainly working in Ruby. I also write and speak about software development.

I’m currently writing a book about garbage collection, working part-time for Navengage Education Technologies writing the Tip of the Week for Ruby Weekly, and a rotating co-host of The Ruby on Rails Podcast. I’m also a founder and organizer of WNB.rb, a women/non-binary Ruby group.

Last fall I studied at the Recurse Center. Before that, I worked as a backend software engineer at Panorama Education on data integrations and infrastructure teams. For my undergraduate education, I studied computer science and education at Brown University. While I was studying, I interned at Google and Knewton.

I’d love to connect! Feel free to reach me on Twitter, or drop your email address below and I’ll reach out with updates.