I can’t claim expertise in how to successfully write a cold email. I have sent many more unanswered cold emails than answered ones. Looking at you, Michelle Obama!

That said, I have mastered the start to writing a cold email: finding the person’s email address.

At least, if they have a GitHub account… which covers most of the people I want to cold email. And if you’re reading this blog post, maybe some of the people you want to cold email, too.

So, without further ado, Find GitHub Email is ☀️ the warmest start to a cold email ❄️. (I’m pretty proud of this tagline.) Given someone’s GitHub username, it’ll look through their commit history to find any email addresses they’ve used in commits.

It is definitely not the only command line tool out there to look up a GitHub user’s email address. But, it did help me accomplish three learning goals: learn some basic GraphQL, publish my first Ruby Gem, and create an open source repo which welcomes contributions! Writing the README also gave me the opportunity to use some rare emoji.

The repo is definitely open to any forks and PRs. That third goal of it being open source only works with your help! If you have any feedback, please, please, create an issue. Or, well, you know how to find my email address…