These interactive graphs are best viewed on a laptop. They’ll take a few seconds to load. Zoom and click around on the players for more info!



Interpreting the graphs

These graphs represent shared ice time in the NHL during the 2020-2021 season. There is one graph for defensemen and one for forwards.


  • Each node is a player
  • Clicking on the node gives more information about the player (ice time is in minutes)
  • Size of node is proportional to player’s ice time
  • Color of node represents current team. All players on the same team will be the same color per graph. If a player has been traded in the off season, his color will reflect that
  • If a player is currently unsigned, or rostered in the AHL, his team will be “No Team”
  • A player will only appear on this graph if he has been on the ice for at least two hours with another player


  • A line connecting two players means they have been on the ice together for at least 2 hours during the 2020-2021 NHL season
  • The thickness of the line is proportional to how much ice time two players have shared
  • If you click on the line, the “weight” will tell you the precise shared ice time in minutes of two players

For more information on how I built them, take a look at this repo.